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Welcome to Marigold Infra Steel, a renowned and trusted steel & iron company owned by Raj Paresh Sanghvi. With a strong 25-year foundation under our corporate parent, Royal Steel Centre erstwhile known as Anjali Steel, we have established ourselves as experts in the industry. Our wide range of steel products and services caters to diverse sectors, ensuring we meet the needs of our valued customers. At Marigold Infra Steel, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver superior quality products.

About Marigold Infra Steel


Our Vision is to be a global steel leader, known for unmatched quality and customer-centricity. We relentlessly innovate, expand offerings, and forge enduring partnerships for sustainable, efficient solutions with architects, contractors, and developers.


Our Mission is to provide high-quality steel solutions that exceed customer expectations, ensuring durability, reliability, and innovation in every product. We strive to contribute to the success of construction projects worldwide through our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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